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In 1072, Pedro Guiñales founded this house with the name of his wife “Casa de la Pascuala”. In those days the establishment had dining facilities for muleteers, cattle breeders and all those who came to and from Madrid on the road to France (now the A1).

In 1796 his grandson Pedro began to produce and sell his own Garnacha grapes in the, by now, well known “LA PASCUALA”. When in 1825 his descendant Juan Guiñales Soriano took over the Inn he changed its name to that of his own wife “CASA DE SILVESTRA”. The post house then sold not only garnacha grapes but also moscatel and pardillo wines produced in the family’s wineyards. Specialities from the kitchen include roast lamb, suckling pig and game that satisfy famous stomachs such as that of the young king Alfonso XIII.

In 1940 Pedro Guiñales López, La Silvestra’s son, takes over the reins of the inn. It is then that it takes the name by which it is still known today “Casa Pedro” and consolidates itself as a restaurant specialising in Castillian cuisine.

Fuencarral was in those days a village on the outskirts of Madrid and Casa Pedro was the place to go for thousands of madrileños (people from Madrid) during their weekends.

Many families, couples, artists and celebrities have enjoyed the rabbit, roast lamb and suckling pig, lamb chops and have left their names on the restaurant walls. From king Juan Carlos I to artists like Alain Delon, Anthony Quinn, Luis Buñuel, Sofía Loren, Sara Montiel, Antonio Molina, Rocío Durcal or Raphael; bullfighters like Luis Miguel Dominguín, Bienvenida, Antoñete, Paco Camino or Espartaco; politicians, journalists and entrepreneurs have been appreciative of the quality of Pedro’s cuisine.

Yet another Pedro, Pedro Guiñales Valle, has followed in his father’s footsteps and is endeavoring to maintain the value of Castilian cuisine, the quality of the raw material and the traditional good service for which Pedro is famed. This effort has been rewarded by the Madrid Town hall with a commemorative plaque in gratitude for the services rendered for over a century.

Furthermore, Pedro’s passion for wine has led to him to restore the family wine cellar. It is a beautiful building of rustic architecture, a temple for wine lovers who can also enjoy Casa Pedro’s cuisine. “Bodega Pedro” takes Casa Pedro, a restaurant of over 300 years, a step further in its evolution.

Today Casa Pedro forms part of thirteen centennial restaurants, recognised by the association.